Friday, 2 December 2016

To start a Taxi Service why Taxi App Development is necessary

In very near future, the count of smartphones will be a third of the human population. Theses handy devices are completely challenging computers and laptops in every phase. Also it has challenged to the traditional taxi services in which the people had to wait for taxi on the road and waving their hand in the air to stop the taxi. That was very tired and annoying way. In earlier days people could not able to book taxi and during ride they had to bother for the distance and the fare calculation. Now, let taxi app do all this work. These pocket devices have become an essential key sector of every person's engagement. This is the reason maximum businesses have already adopted this technology and have created mobile applications for their business. One such mobile application to boost your taxi business, Infinite Cab Management System which provides you the simple and user-friendly solution.

Infinite Cab Management System is an excellent way to start and retain your taxi service. In this present competitive world, having a Taxi Dispatch Software is better in all the prospects of the taxi business.

In case if you are still not positive how you can start and increase revenue using the taxi dispatch software, here's a comprehensive guideline, why you need to go with the Taxi App Development way to build your taxi cab business a brand.

Why Your Taxi Service Business Should Develop Cab Management System?

An inexpensiveness and quick app development have inspired taxi businesses to build a full functioning cab application. Our Infinite Cab Management System comes with the attractive interface and superior feature that can increase, automate and expand your business even more.

By developing your own customized Taxi app or Cab app you can get the listed benefits.

#1. You can get more passengers on board.
#2. Excellent Driver management
#3. Web interface to monitor your business
#4. Web Interface for Manual Dispatching
#5. Tasks are just a part of a comprehensive solution
#6. Cutting edge Cloud taxi app features

Build your own cab application to move your taxi business smoothly and you can easily operate with customized taxi dispatch software. Take advantage of our advanced feature Live Demo and check how our taxi app solution works. Meet your business requirements with our customized Taxi App solution development to show the righteous track and get maximum profit on investment by opting our perfect taxi cab management solution. Give your passenger a hassle free and comfortable ride along with an unforgettable experience.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Start your Transportation Business with Infinite Cab Management System

Are you looking to start a transportation business and want to make it successful by using mobile technology? The Cab Management System can make all these things to happen. Well, transportation business is quite expensive to start up, but initially, you can establish it with some vehicles and expand gradually as it becomes a profitable and successful company.

Build your own Transportation Technology with Infinite Cab Management System

As the increasing population in all cities across the world has made a clear realization of the transportation requirement in a comfortable and affordable way.
Nowadays, technology is a preferable way for every customer as well as the businessman. While mobile technology is a convenient way and every customer wants to book the cab through cab app with just a few taps.

#1. Choose your Cab
With the taxi cab app, the customer can able to choose the nearby type of car as they wish to use among several alternatives like SUV, Economy, Luxury and more, while another side the transportation business owners can increase their earnings at the same time.

#2. Select the Location
In the cab management system, options are given such as transportation mode, pick-up location, and destination

#3. Fare Estimation
By the given location, fare details and distance will be automatically calculated.

#4. E-Wallet
There is an E-Wallet option in which passenger can add money and he can pay through that option if he doesn’t want to pay by cash.

#5. Coupon Code
The app offers a Coupon code to get extra benefit from the ride. User can apply a valid coupon code and can get some reduction in the amount of ride fare.

#6. Point Earning
Also the app offers a point earning feature to the passenger. This feature enables users to refer a friend to use this cab app. The system generates a referral code for every user. They will earn points if a newly referred friend uses their referral code for registration.

#7. Share Experience
User can share their experience about cab ride social media like facebook, google+ and many more.

These above features make the system receptive to a variety of transportation demands. There is nothing innovative in managing a taxi business, but making it in high demand for customers is an innovation and achievement.

If you want to set up your own cab business or wish to manage affiliated fleets, Infinite Cab Management System provides end to end solution for the all transportation business needs with the quality taxi dispatch software.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Top 10 Taxi App Companies in the World

Top 10 Taxi App Companies in the World

Have you ever visualized that your ride is only one tap away?
Top Taxi App Companies have developed such user-friendly cab booking apps that made your ride only one tap away.

Earlier, how people were using to traveling like waving the arm in the air by standing for the taxi. That was the former century tactic. Now, let an app do all the work.
There are lots of top taxi app companies who have developed Cab Management System with stunning features to make a ride easier and faster than before all across the Globe. People are using these services at more rapid pace than ever before!
We all know about Uber taxi app that is one of the top taxi app companies. Uber has become very popular taxi app in different countries. There are many taxi app companies who builds apps like Uber model taxi app.
Amongst all top taxi app companies, here is the list of top 10 taxi apps available in different countries and cities. Find out the best app available in your city. Let’s start with the Uber itself.

#1. Uber

Uber is one of the best and fast-growing app that has covered the highest number of cities and countries in the world. According to the latest count, Uber serves its service in 67 countries and 78 cities across Asia-Pacific. Uber essentially offers very economy UberX across Asia depending on where you live or where you’re traveling.
Some smaller cities have the even more cheap UberGo, using small cars. Some of the cities have UberBlack, UberSUV, UberXL as added choices at higher costs.
According to the recent options risen up, such as People’s Uber in China, which is like UberX except that Uber doesn’t make any profit from it.
Striking features: Android, iOS, and Windows Application, Currently, Uber accepts cash payments from passengers all across India, as well as in selected cities in Indonesia and the Philippines.
Countries Available in: India, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia

#2. Lyft

Lyft Logo
Lyft is the US based app with more than 60 cities across all of the United States, Lyft is one of the best Apps to make ride-hailing easier, safer and trustworthy. Lyft approves the drivers having a valid driver’s license Lyft checks DMV, and Background. While considering the interface of the apps Lyft holds a stunning interface, which allows users to track their ride and the driver details.
According to the research, published by the Zebra Magazine observed  that the average waiting time on Lyft is a minuscule 6 seconds. Lyft provides three alternatives – Lyft, Lyft Plus and Lyft Line, with which  users can ride alone or in a group of six members.
Striking Features: Covered over 60 cities within the United States, provision for six people to share a ride with Lyft Plus, Android and iOS mobile applications available, Excellent response time and better  safety.
Countries Available in: United States (65 Cities)

#3. Hailo

Hailo is a UK-based ride-hailing service, launched in November 2011. A Hailo app is trusted throughout the world. It is available in more than 20 cities, including London, Madrid, Barcelona and Osaka, and all across Ireland.
Hailo is one of the fastest growing ride-hailing services in the UK. Hailo has made booking a cab easy and fast by their service. With CRB checked drivers.
Hailo Hub has added a new feature that allows users to book a cab on behalf of others. Using that feature, you can easily book a cab for your guest. Recently, Hailo introduced its new feature-electronic pay, that enables users to pay the cab fare from the app right away. Hailo also offers to ride business class for premium users. Hailo is now available in Singapore for metered taxis.
Striking Features: CRB checked drivers, Hailo Hub, Hailo electronic pay, Hailo for Business, Android, Apple Watch, and iOS mobile applications to easily book a cab.
Countries Available in: United Kingdom (4 cities), Ireland, Spain (2 cities), Singapore, Japan.

#4. Ola

Ola, one of the fast-expanding, now covers over 100 cities across India. It offers an order of vehicle types: small cars, metered cabs, standard sedans. Plus, there’s Ola Auto for hailing tuk-tuks. Ola provides the fastest way to book a cab from anywhere in the city, right on your smartphone.
Ola Cabs is one of the biggest ride-hailing apps. Ola bought TaxiForSure, one of the other prominent ride-hailing services in India. Ola Cabs offer the economical fare prices amongst the several ride-hailing services currently running in India.
As Ola provides verified drivers and cleanliness, safety and comfort trip, Ola Cabs’ riders are very satisfied with the services they get. Ola Cabs’ prompt confirmation of the booked ride and the app interface that indicates the location of the ride, Ola Cabs has become one of the most extensively used ride-hailing apps in India.
Striking Features: Over 100 cities supported in India, verified drivers, Android, iOS and Windows mobile applications. Ola accepts both cash and cashless payments.
Countries Available in: India (Over 100 cities)

#5. Grab Taxi

Grab Taxi is based in the Southeast Asia. With over 75,000 drivers registered on the network, GrabTaxi has one among the biggest fleets of ride-hailing vehicles. GrabTaxi has been authoritatively reviewed by people across the Southeast with over 3.8 million mobile application downloads. It is undoubtedly reviewed for its comforts and safety. This is the to-go taxi-hailing services if you are looking to book a trip and located at one of the locations mentioned below, Grab Taxi is the best option for a comfort and secure ride.
GrabTaxi is available in 21 different cities across 6 different countries in the Southeast Asia. Being named the Frost & Sullivan Best Travel App of 2013, GrabTaxi contributes the best taxi-hailing experience.
Striking Features: Pre-screening of drivers, Track your ride, Android, iOS and Blackberry mobile applications.
Countries Available in: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines.

#6. Didi Dache

Didi Dache was established by the merger of China’s top two ride apps. The resultant company has the support of web giants Alibaba and Tencent. Didi Dache is one of the most leading taxi app used in China with covering more than 300 cities.
Didi Dache is available only in Chinese. One of the greatest features of Didi Dache is that it is also accessible from within WeChat, the famous messaging app created by Tencent. It also has its own apps for iOS and Android.
Striking Features: Taxi hailing, Hitch, Express, Personal car service, ride tracking, driver rating, Android and iOS applications, and much more.
Countries Available in: China (300 Cities)

#7. Gett

Gett is also US based Taxi app. It was previously known as Getting Taxi, one of the fastest growing cab-hailing services in the United States. Recently Gett has decreased their pricing by 25% on rides booked in NYC.
In Europe, Gett is available in more than 60 cities worldwide, including London, Moscow, and NYC. In London alone, more than half of all black cabs run on Gett. With revenues of $500M, Gett is already profitable in its early markets
Operating internationally in cities like London, Moscow, Tel Aviv, NYC was the first place of operations of Gett in the United States. With an estimated arrival time and driver information made available once booked, TLC licensed and tested drivers, and cashless payment, Gett is all perfect about ride-hailing.
Gett has increased $520 million in venture funding to date, and was selected by Forbes as one of the “top 15 explosively growing companies”.
Striking Features: Book in advance up to 2 weeks, no price surges, $10 rides anywhere below 110th St in Manhattan, Android and iOS applications and much more.
Countries Available: United States, United Kingdom, Israel and Russia (More than 60 Cities).

#8. LeCab

LeCab is France-based taxi service established in 2012. LeCab serves in Paris that is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. LeCab has built their reputation for unsurpassed service in Paris. LeCab is fast growing as the best ride-hailing app with over 70,000 active users and an increasing number of the vehicle fleet in France. LeCab makes use of the standard Peugeot 508, Made In France vehicles as their fleet of cabs to transport customers across the city. Re-booking your ride in one click, shake your smartphone to reset the details and a ton of other cool mobile application features make LeCab a viable taxi riding in France.
Striking Features: LeCab Fly, Fixed price rides, ride guaranteed in 7 minutes, Android, Windows and iOS mobile applications.
Countries Available in: France (Paris).

#9. Cabify

Cabify is just two clicks away from the users. It allows users to book a ride immediately by using their Android or iOS applications. Cabify features a fixed and transparent rate system, which ensures that users are not price gauged. Cabify facilitates people to book their business and formal trips in advance. Corporate traveling provides with the invoices, an account manager, lower rates, multiple account support and many other such great features.
Cabify also provides a facility users to book a cab for someone else. following features make Cabify one of the best alternatives in many cities across the globe.
Striking Features: Cabify for Business, Fixed rates, No hidden charges, invoices, account manager, multiple account support, a wide choice of payment methods, a book for someone else, and more.
Countries Available: Spain, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Columbia.

#10. BiTaksi

BiTaksi is one of the most popular taxi-hailing application in Istanbul with over 34,000 taxi drivers and over 200,000 registered users. This is one of the few taxi-hailing services to have introduced in-app credit card payment system. Bitaksi brings cashless payment to Istanbul. It also provides other key details in-app like the current traffic on the route, to improve efficiency and service reliability. 
BiTaksi also provides information and tracking feature to track the location of your ride. To make the service more reliable and convenient, driver’s ratings are provided to the customers
Striking Features: Fastest growing taxi-hailing service in Istanbul, cashless payment, traffic information, licensed drivers, driver ratings and much more.
Countries Available in: Istanbul
All the above taxi app companies create taxi app like uber model taxi app and they all are popular in different countries and cities where they serve their services.
Day by day increasing use of the taxi app indicates that the ride-hailing app gives flexibility and power in the customer’s hands and made a Taxi cab booking very easy and fast.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Taxi App & Cab Management System Launched!


Taxi app has become the most convenient mode of transport during the peak hours. As the reason, the fame and demand of ride-hailing apps are increasing day by day.
Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP launched an advanced extension of mobile-centric innovation for taxi businesses, INFINITE CAB.

A quick glimpse at Infinite Cab Management Software

Our Infinite Taxi App is the cutting edge initiative that can accomplish the improvement of your transportation business in additional extents.
We support to your business to gain the global presence, by providing multiple add-on features along with inbuilt service.
Also, our Taxi app is supportive of customization for any customers needs.
We give Infinite sparkling reasons to choose our Infinite Cab Management Software, A complete solution for your cab business.

Why try us!

Taxi app is invented in a simple and manageable way so that every kind of people can use.
Our Premier Taxi mobile app is very fast and efficient. From booking to drop to the destination, you’ll feel like all happened in seconds and hassle free.
Infinite Cab management software is developed with the high-security integration.

Benefits of using Infinite Taxi App & Management Software

Users will get a chance to earn reward points by suggesting apps to the friends.
Admins can grant some privilege points to users as rewards based on their finished trips.
This feature allows users some extra bonus point by the activities referring friends.


Our ride-hailing app is very easy to use. You can choose your ride and set the location using a taxi app. You’ll get picked up by the nearest cab driver. He will drop you to the destination.
Once the trip ends, taxi app system automatically calculates the trip fare and you can pay the cost by cash or e-wallet.
Our main goal is to provide better benefits of technology to the entire ecosystem. Get a ride in seconds or become a driver and earn money on your schedule
We’ll ensure to make your trip experience memorable!
Come and try us out.