How Do Driver App Features Benefit Taxi Drivers?


The taxi industry is becoming increasingly competitive, customer loyalty is almost non-existent, and cheaper transportation providers are stepping in. Traditional taxi services have become intolerable in recent years. Uber-like services have taken over the market. The traditional taxi industry will never be the same again. If you already have a taxi service or are planning to start one, one of the most important aspects is to create a mobile solution for your company.

In the market, there are various types of taxi apps for sale. One type is designed specifically for established taxi companies, where a mobile app complements their services and makes it easier for customers while also expanding the client base. The taxi software also benefits the drivers.

The different needs of the driver and passenger have been recognised, resulting in the development of two separate apps. Both passengers and drivers benefit from improved and more personalised features as a result of this. As a result, the passenger and driver experiences are separated into two mobile apps: one for passengers (the passenger app) and one for drivers (the driver app) to provide a driver-tailored experience.

Driver Apps Must-Have Features: 

As more taxi apps, such as Uber, emerge, everyone is facing increased competition. And the taxi company that provides the best perks to its drivers wins. Because it keeps an eye on the business with no manual effort, a taxi driver app with driver-friendly features will gradually become a standard requirement for all drivers. 

The following are some of the fantastic features of the taxi driver app:

  1. Vehicle Tracking Device (GPS)

Drivers always prefer mobile apps that reduce effort and provide best practises. Once the passenger gives permission, the GPS tracking system pinpoints their location and destination. This allows the driver to easily track the location of the passenger.

  1. Button for Availability

Drivers can mark themselves at the beginning and end of the journey. They can indicate their availability—online or offline—as soon as the trip begins or ends. When a new request is received, the driver is notified, along with the pick-up details, if he is found to be available.

  1. Dashboard for the driver 

Drivers will receive useful statistics and insights on their trips, overall performance, feedback, and ratings from customers in their dashboard, allowing them to improve.

  1. Email and SMS notifications 

The driver will be notified via email or SMS alerts from the passenger regarding any query or cab request, and he will be able to respond to the passengers with an accept or decline option via a simple interface.

  1. Start/Stop the ride 

Destinations can be easily tracked using maps as an indicator to locate pickup and drop-off locations.

  1. Automatic fare calculation and e-receipt printing

The cost per mile is calculated using GPS based on the mileage accumulated along the customer's route. Before the cab departs, the price of the ride must be submitted to the user in the form of e-receipts.

  1. Accept or decline taxi requests

With this option, the driver has the ability to accept or reject the passengers' cab request. The passenger's app will receive a notification regarding the status of the request. If the driver does not accept the trip request within a certain amount of time (15-30 seconds), according to the company's strategy, the request is forwarded to the next nearby driver.

  1. History of the Journey

Drivers should be able to view their booking history through the app. This allows drivers to keep track of their journeys and serves as reference information in the event of any future discrepancies. In a nutshell, this makes the business very transparent. 

The outstanding benefits of taxi booking apps for drivers are discussed in this article. Aside from the driver features mentioned above, there may be several other features that are equally important and can be integrated into your taxi app development to make it more driver-friendly and functional. Creating a fully featured app will allow you to get closer to your users while also gaining new clients.

No transportation company can now survive without a mobile app, especially if their competitors already have one, albeit with improved features. As an expert taxi booking app builder, we provide you with taxi business assistance and solutions, bridging the gap between taxi companies and customers.


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