Top 5 Features for a Taxi Booking App

In today's hectic world, I'm sure everyone would like to save time. Exploring new places while travelling from one location to another is enjoyable, but the question of how to travel arises. Waiting for a taxi to take you to an important location or office is extremely stressful. 

The solution to all of these problems is to book a taxi through a taxi booking app. It ensures that we do not have to waste time waiting for a taxi. Instead, we can plan our time as we see fit. Nowadays, everyone has begun to book a taxi for their needs. This modern technology with more features in a Taxi booking App can help us save time.

Booking a taxi through the Taxi booking app makes it easier for us to travel and explore new places. 

We'll look at what features we can include in a taxi booking app so that it has all of the high-end features that will save us time and money. 

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The Following are the Top Five Features That will be Added to the Taxi Booking App: 

  1. Riders can benefit from Prime membership. 

  2. Ride-Hailing

  3. Today's packages

  4. Component of an outpost.

  5. Control trip parameters

Riders can Benefit from Prime Membership: 

To promote any business, you should offer some packages that will entice customers to buy from you. Customers in the taxi industry almost always use the App on a daily basis, so it is critical to consider their needs and offer membership packages. 

The premium membership packages are always based on the number of kilometres ridden. The rider membership packages help your business. 

You can set the kilometre options, validity time, and other parameters for your riders.


Ride-sharing is another popular feature that can be integrated into any Taxi Booking app. Carpooling is another term for ride-sharing. 

This feature comes in handy when the customer needs to travel long distances. The cost always rises in direct proportion to the distance travelled. It benefits them when the travel expenses are shared by other riders who want to go to the same location. Each rider does not need to spend any more money on their trip. This is referred to as ridesharing or carpooling. 

It not only saves money, but it also saves time. For example, if four people share the same car to travel to the same location, there is no need for four cars, which reduces traffic and travel time. 

If this feature is available,

Today's Packages:

You can add day packages to your Taxi booking App in addition to prime membership features. The day packages will be based on the rider's day-to-day needs. 

If a rider or customer does not know how to use your taxi, they may require the services of a driver. You can include this as an option in your app. Combine this option with other features. 

Even people who do not know how to take a taxi will consider your App at all times. 

There will always be a hit to your App from customers. Configure the kilometres based on the charge and keep it flexible at all times. Configure the options to meet your specific requirements. If this feature is available. 

Component of an Outpost:

The most important business tip is to always expand your services. You could allow riders to add an

outstation module to the app. 

Schedule any travel ahead of time to save riders time when they want to travel from one station to another. 

This feature makes it easier for customers to travel. 

Configure your app with driver preferences, the number of kilometres to be driven, the date and time of travel. This allows customers to easily access your App and makes it more flexible for them to use.

Control Trip Parameters

Customers will always be enticed to use your Taxi Booking App if the trip parameters can be customised. 

You can include parameters such as a babysitter for babies and a wheelchair for the elderly in this feature. 

These features entice people of all ages to use your app. 

When parents travel a long distance with their babies. It makes it more difficult for them to hold the baby throughout their journey. Similarly, it makes it more difficult for elderly people to travel without a wheelchair. 

By providing such services to people of all ages, your app will become more popular among the other Taxi Apps available on your smartphone.


So far, we've looked at some of the features that can be added to your Taxi Booking App. Overall, these features will boost your company's productivity. All of these features will increase customer satisfaction, making your app more popular among other Taxi Dispatch Software

Customers will be able to save time and money with these efficient features. 

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