Friday, 4 November 2016

Start your Transportation Business with Infinite Cab Management System

Are you looking to start a transportation business and want to make it successful by using mobile technology? The Cab Management System can make all these things to happen. Well, transportation business is quite expensive to start up, but initially, you can establish it with some vehicles and expand gradually as it becomes a profitable and successful company.

Build your own Transportation Technology with Infinite Cab Management System

As the increasing population in all cities across the world has made a clear realization of the transportation requirement in a comfortable and affordable way.
Nowadays, technology is a preferable way for every customer as well as the businessman. While mobile technology is a convenient way and every customer wants to book the cab through cab app with just a few taps.

#1. Choose your Cab
With the taxi cab app, the customer can able to choose the nearby type of car as they wish to use among several alternatives like SUV, Economy, Luxury and more, while another side the transportation business owners can increase their earnings at the same time.

#2. Select the Location
In the cab management system, options are given such as transportation mode, pick-up location, and destination

#3. Fare Estimation
By the given location, fare details and distance will be automatically calculated.

#4. E-Wallet
There is an E-Wallet option in which passenger can add money and he can pay through that option if he doesn’t want to pay by cash.

#5. Coupon Code
The app offers a Coupon code to get extra benefit from the ride. User can apply a valid coupon code and can get some reduction in the amount of ride fare.

#6. Point Earning
Also the app offers a point earning feature to the passenger. This feature enables users to refer a friend to use this cab app. The system generates a referral code for every user. They will earn points if a newly referred friend uses their referral code for registration.

#7. Share Experience
User can share their experience about cab ride social media like facebook, google+ and many more.

These above features make the system receptive to a variety of transportation demands. There is nothing innovative in managing a taxi business, but making it in high demand for customers is an innovation and achievement.

If you want to set up your own cab business or wish to manage affiliated fleets, Infinite Cab Management System provides end to end solution for the all transportation business needs with the quality taxi dispatch software.