Thursday, 22 June 2017

Taxi Dispatch Software: A Smart Choice for a Taxi Business

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The mode of transportation has made lots of changes since the taxi dispatch software or taxi apps are introduced. Taxis are the most convenient transportation mode across the globe. Over the years passing the quality of taxi service is improving beyond the expectations. Have you ever thought what makes the taxi dispatch software an exceptional? Why do drivers use a mobile app to run their Taxi Business? Why do passengers prefer to book a taxi using such type of cab management system?

Let's take a glimpse over the various advantages of owning a Taxi business along with the cab management system.

#1. Quick exposure for Commuters
To start a Taxi business is an ingenious way for those who are fed up of working with corporate services. Taxi Dispatch Software model and strategies make the taxi booking easy and fast for the potential customers. Using Taxi Dispatch Software or Taxi Mobile App, commuters can instantly set up their taxi booking app. A taxi booking app has separate functionality and features of Admin Panel, Driver app, and Passenger app.

Let's have a look at all apps

- Admin Panel

Admin has a control of both Driver and Passenger apps. They can all the activities in the dashboard. 

- Driver App
Drivers can pick a booking request, fare request from the passengers right through their mobile phone. He can track the current location of the passenger 

- Passenger App
Passengers can book their taxi and make payments through taxi booking app without wasting any time. Passengers can view the details of the driver along with name, taxi details, contact number. They also can track drivers location through GPS Google map.

#2. No more waiting on the road
Calling a taxi by waving a hand on the road and bargaining for the right price leads a waste of time and the overall frustration makes taxi cabs unlike altogether. However, booking a taxi through a mobile app from your location will all happened within a single tap.

#3. Avoid traffic and reach fastly to your destination
Taxi Apps integrated with GPS and Google map facility can help a driver to track the location and current traffic jams. In the case of traffic jam, drivers and passengers can find out an alternate route to avoid the loss of time.

#4. Safe procurement model for the drivers
Considering the cab drivers who work on midnight shifts, its always been the security concern of getting trip payments in hard cash. Some areas can be unsafe of carrying a hard cash in the wallet. The payment through e-wallets has overcome this security concern.

#5. Improve your quality of service
Taxi Dispatch Software ensures that the service you offer to your passengers is up to the mark. Serving a superior service to the passenger builds loyalty. The better your service is, better ratings you will receive from the customers that will help you to build your brand. To compete the giant Taxi Cab companies like Uber, Ola, it’s necessary that you differentiate your brand and service from the rest of your competitors. Cab Management System allows you to serve quick and efficient service to your passengers.

#6. Keep track of your fleet with your app
Fleet management is quite difficult but with a Taxi booking software, you can systematize the operations and the maintenance of the vehicles. The GPS facility has enabled the safety of the vehicles and a considerable reduction in accidents.

#7. No more bargaining, only standardized charges
Commuters face the biggest complications is the payment method. Usually, passengers don’t prefer bargaining when they need to reach somewhere immediately. Pre-fixed rates per kilometers seem to be more convenient for drivers as well as passengers. Taxi Dispatch Software with the E-wallet feature in which user can save some balance and go with cashless payments. This feature eliminates the need for cash.

#8. Increase your Booking frequency
A fully featured taxi booking software will be efficient and will help to increase the number of bookings. GPS-based location mapping system allows both drivers and passengers to track each other's location and passenger can see the estimated arrival time of the driver. Taxi Dispatch Software provides a fleet management system that provides constant updates about the available taxis through GPS location based system.

After researching on Uber and the other taxi booking app marketplace, Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP has developed Infinite Cab Management System, Uber like taxi app. Eventually, our Infinite Cab helps to bring into Uber clone application effect directly for the iOS and Android platforms. We also provide web application, Cab Management System.

Taxis are the most viable transportation mode across the world. If you are planning to start a taxi business with Taxi Dispatch Software, here you can explore our free cab management system demo to review the features.